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New Zealand Hi-Tech Trust seeking trustees to join the Board

As a result of the trust’s policy of regularly refreshing its Board, the trustees of New Zealand’s Hi-Tech Trust (http://www.hitech.org.nz/) are seeking new members to join the Board of Trustees. The workload is relatively light with 2-3 meetings a year, including a day-long strategy session, and attending the Hi-Tech Awards (the organisation of which is outsourced).

The NZ Hi-Tech Trust was established in 2009 to advance the growth and success of New Zealand's hi-tech industries through an awards and education programme. All profits generated by the Awards programme are reinvested by the Trust to ensure the continuance of the programme and to benefit the long-term development of the industries it supports.

The Hi-Tech Trust plays a leadership role in the advancement of the hi-tech sector in the New Zealand economy, and is responsible for the Hi-Tech Awards, widely viewed as the most successful awards ceremony held annually in New Zealand. This year’s event was attended by over 900 industry participants, with a waiting list of a further 100 people.

In the recent report ‘From Tech Sector to Digital Nation’ the tech sector was recognised as New Zealand’s 3rd largest industry sector, generating over $16 billion in revenues and $6.3 billion in export earnings. It employs close to 100,000 people, or around 5% of the workforce.

Our industry is young, vibrant, and culturally diverse, represented by all ages and nationalities, across all regions of the country. Our desire is to have the Board representative of the diversity within the industry, and would like to encourage leaders within the industry to put their names forward to be considered for this position.

This is a volunteer role, but any and all logistics costs related to duties are covered by the Hi Tech Trust.

Please express your interest directly to info@hitech.org.nz with a short resume outlining your industry experience. Expressions of interest close on Aug 12.

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