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Ramari Heperi

Ramari’s story

2020 Scholarship Recipient

After 20 years in a professional career Ramari Heperi, a proud Māori wāhine from Whāngarei and mum to her beautiful 2 year old, decided to upskill at Developers Institute. Ramari found new motivation to pivot her career on becoming a mum and is in her final year of her diploma in Software Development and Web Development. 

“I started my journey with The Developers institute when my son was 5 months old… As a solo parent I need a steady and reliable income source. I need the flexibility to be able to work from home when unpredictable things are thrown my way and this is one of the only industries that will allow me to do this.”

On completing her studies Ramari hopes to land a role as a React Developer hoping to become an expert in web and mobile. Ramari would love to work in the Health sector where lots of new innovation is emerging and where you can make a real difference in the lives of others. 

Ramari hopes to share her story into the Hi-Tech Industry believing that it could inspire more Maori wahine and Mums into the sector. Ramari recognizes that the role that role models play in encouraging others to look at Technology as a potential pathway, Ramari believes that no matter how scary and difficult it seems, you can get through that. Ramari has used this determined and resilient mindset to carry her through her journey so far. 

With the support of this scholarship Ramari will have the financial pressures of full-time study and parenthood reduced. Ramari notes that this scholarship came just at the right time, where she was considering needing to stop her studies and return to work. But, being selected by Hi-Tech Foundation is the encouragement and lift she needed to reaffirm all her sacrifices to this point are worth it. 

We are so honoured to be supporting Ramari as she continues to pursue her dreams. We know Ramari will inspire so many with her story of courage, grit and self-determination. 

 Get to know Ramari

  • Ramari started studying a Diploma in Software Development and Web Development when her son was 5 months old and after a 20 year professional career.
  • Believe in yourself and never give up - break down what seems complex into really small chunks. The most complex and scary things can be simplified if you break it down.
  • Words Ramari lives by are "Dig deep. When you’re looking up at what can feel like a mountain ahead of you. Dig deep and keep going." 

What does this scholarship mean to you? 

"I seriously didn’t think I would get selected. This scholarship has been a real lifesaver. I haven’t been able to work and study full-time as a solo parent, and this scholarship has given me both the confidence boost and financial means to keep studying. I can relax and breathe a little going into my final year, It’s given me that stretch until when I can hopefully land a dream role as a junior developer."

Connect with Ramari on LinkedIn here