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Jasmine Turketo

Jasmine’s story

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Jasmine is a student at the Developers Institute, she also happens to be a single mum. She’s showing all the mums out there that by being ballsy and brave, they too can embark on an exciting career in tech. Making the bold decision to change careers and retrain in 2020, she was encouraged by friends to study at the Developer’s Institute.

After a meeting with the founder of the DI, she was inspired to pursue a career in tech so that she could provide a solid future for her daughters in a booming industry with abundant opportunities. 

A trained carpenter, Jasmine has always been a hands-on problem-solver. She was born and raised in Whāngarei. She moved to Western Australia in 2010 and throughout her time there she worked remote FIFO on the rail lines in the Pilbara and was also a truck driver. 

Jasmine moved back to New Zealand in 2014 where she continued her career in the construction industry as a carpenter. Needless to say she’s happy to now be spending her days in front of her computer.

With a keen interest in cyber security, particularly back-end development, Jasmine has been focusing her studies on application security. With the current demand for cybersecurity growing exponentially, Jasmine feels excited by the opportunities that are coming her way. 

Of Māori descent, success to Jasmine means having a stable, solid career and being able to provide a bright future for her young daughter. To become a role model for her and for other women in the tech sector would mean showing up and giving it your all, being ballsy and having the right attitude.

We wish Jasmine all the best on her pursuit in a Diploma of Software Development and Web Development, we’re excited to watch her journey unfold. 

Get to know Jasmine:

  • Previously a carpenter, Jasmine hopes to work in the IT security space - there’s a misconception that data is ‘boring’, but she thinks it’s far from! Jasmine is working towards a Diploma in Software Development and Web Development.
  • Words Jasmine lives by are "You never know, so try. If you’re sick of the life you’re living and want to get ahead, get into tech. That’s where the future is."

What does this scholarship mean to you? 

"It was such a blessing, it’s helped me this year so much. It’s helped remove any stress because I can take my time to find the right career for me. I’ve been able to up my game by buying some new equipment so I can go full remote. I feel very blessed and appreciative."

Connect with Jasmine on LinkedIn here