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Huni Yerkovich

Huni’s story

2020 Scholarship Recipient 

Huni is proudly of Tongan descent based in Hawke’s Bay. Huni’s parents were the first of their families to move from Tonga to New Zealand. Their aspirations, to continue to instill the value of education throughout the family. 

Huni’s recent pivot back to pursuing education was partially sparked by seeing her daughter graduate and witnessing the amount of support and community on offer to Pacific University students nowadays. Huni also recognized her love for working in the Technology industry but wanted to expand beyond a Sales capacity into a Technical skills capacity, doubling down on her capabilities. 

Huni wanted to become a future expert and be able to lead Technical based conversations.  With her driven and purposeful mindset Huni has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Information Science (IT Major) to add onto her 15 year’s experience in the private and public sector. 

Now onto a new chapter of her career, Huni is searching for a dream job in Data/Analytics or Business Intelligence, potentially at Serato. In a previous chapter Huni was also a DJ. 

As a Mum of four, Huni recognises there is a journey for Pacific Islanders and wāhine in particular, to know that the Hi-Tech Industry is not out of our limits, it is not beyond us, and the only limits are ourselves. Through her story, Huni hopes others can believe that this pathway can be for them too. Huni hopes that in time the Hi-Tech industry will become more diverse, truly reflecting the voices of the whole of Aotearoa. 

Huni would also like others to know that it is never too late, you can be in your thirties, forties, fifties, and it is never too late to think about going back to study and improving yourself. 

We wish Huni all the very best in securing a new role that supports her to make the inevitable positive impact she will have on the Hi-Tech Industry. 

 Get to know Huni:

  • After 15 years as a professional, including working in the Technology sector, Huni has recently upskilled and graduated with a Bachelor of Information Science (IT Major).
  • Words Huni lives by are "Believe in yourself." 

 What does this scholarship mean to you? 

"This scholarship is a massive support directly financially but also has a bigger ripple effect in being connected into the Hi-Tech Industry, being recognised by Industry, and being able to share that recognition into our communities. I honestly didn’t think I would get selected so this is such an honour. Having access to people and industry leaders that I wouldn’t normally have access to, and the weight lifted off my shoulders from a financial perspective, I feel so privileged. I am so grateful."

Connect with Huni on LinkedIn here