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Alfred Pama

Alfred’s story

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Of Samoan descent, Alfred is a talented aspiring engineer and committed member of his local church. Alfred is a hyper-curious individual who grew up always wondering ‘how things work’ and ‘why the work they way they do’. 

From a young age Alfred’s mother always bought him Science books, a gesture that eventually led Alfred to now be studying a conjoint degree in Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland. 

Into his second year, Alfred has taken to Software and one day hopes to be working in or running a start-up using his imagination, entrepreneurial spirit, passion for creating solutions and designing products. 

Alfred tutors students in maths and science to help assist in transport costs to University. This scholarship will mean Alfred can focus on his studies more and be set to cover transport costs throughout the year. 

Alfred aims to help students in his own community to pursue their own aspirations - especially if in STEM. He hopes that the pathway he carves out will hopefully allow other Samoans to move more easily into the Hi-Tech Industry.

“If I can get there, and then make it hopefully easier for other people to get there, I would love that…”

We wish Alfred all the best in his studies and we are so excited to see what his bright future holds.

 Get to know Alfred

  • A love for Science came at a young age for Alfred who is currently into his second year at the University of Auckland studying a conjoint degree in Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Commerce. 
  • Alfred's advice for other rangatahi wanting to get into tech is "Don’t be afraid to set goals and make your goals known, the people who support you will be there for you." 
  • Words Alfred lives by are "Endure hardship as discipline - difficulties in life are there to make you stronger." 

What does this scholarship mean to you? 

"I am so honoured, I don’t know who the donors are but they have helped me a lot, I am really grateful and I will try even harder this year. I don’t want to be wasting anybody's money, I’ll be doing my best in studies for myself and for them. "